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Raspberry Deployment

Date: 2018/03/14


In order to deploy a modular set of applications to a target environment, we prefer to use Docker containers.

Many BrewPi customers will not be running Linux w/ Docker, or have the desire and technical know-how to install it.

A compromise is to support Raspberry Pi deployment. They are cheap, and can be easily installed. If we provide a thin OS with our requirements pre-installed, customers can easily put this on an SD card, and run it on their Pi.


  • Prebuilt image, or simple installation guide.
  • Installation of the following containers on a Docker container inside a Raspberry
    • RabbitMQ
    • InfluxDB
    • traefic
    • Python3.6


Since Raspbian Jessie Raspberry officially supports Docker. This means we can use the default Raspbian image, along with the default installation guide

Required steps

  • Download Raspbian Lite image
  • Write the image to an SD card using Etcher(Linux/Windows) or Rufus(Windows)
  • Plug the SD card into the Raspberry
  • Connect the Raspberry to SSH or a monitor/keyboard
  • Log in on the Raspberry using SSH / monitor
  • Update / upgrade system: sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
  • Install Docker: curl -sSL | sh
  • Install Python/Pip sudo apt install -y python python-pip
  • Install Docker-compose sudo pip install docker-compose